What is vegan leather?

British Vogue’s affair with vegan fashion has been ongoing for a while. Last November, they showcased a list of vegan bags “that look as good as the real thing”. The article says that according to a survey by the Vegan Society, the number of vegans in Britain has risen by 350 percent and with over 500,000 people in the UK now identifying as vegan. Numbers of vegetarian and fast fashion conscious population is on the rise too.  Why use vegan leather? It is not only ethical reasons but also environmental benefits that encourage vegan lifestyle. The livestock required to produce...

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FERRON showcased in September issue of British Vogue!

September issue of British Vogue not only includes a conversation between The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan and former US First Lady, Michelle Obama but also features stars and celebrities, such as Jane Fonda, Salma Hayek Pinault, Greta Thunberg, etc. to name a few. Oh, and FERRON is showcased in the magazine too, obviously!  British Vogue reads that FERRON is a vegan handbag designer brand and that our Signature Bag is versatile, timeless and chic!

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Learn to Love our Earth | by Despina Katsirouba on FERRON

FERRON; the versatile and vegan luxury handbag "FERRON has one goal in mind; to make cruelty-free fashion the norm while protecting the workers who make them." "First of all, the bags are gorgeous. No matter what colour you choose (black, or navy) you are not going to be disappointed. I personally adore that black because as you can see in the picture attached below, the interior is a fiery red which contrasts perfectly with the outside of the bag." "One of my favourite details is the elephant logo which symbolises their passion and commitment to a completely cruelty-free brand. Overall...

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FERRON meets Eluxe Magazine- a luxury magazine focused ethical and vegan fashion.

FERRON: A VEGAN BAG BRAND TO HELP SAVE ELEPHANTS   "Ania, a Polish entrepreneur, has never understood or agreed with animal exploitation. Instead of falling into despair, she decided to do something about it, and invested in an affordable vegan luxury handbag brand, FERRON, that would also give back by supporting a wildlife charity. FERRON‘s design is timeless and chic, and can be worn with business attire, for casual outings as well as on fancy occasions. Ania’s vision is to provide a versatile pieces that goes with every outfit and enhance the overall look of the owner. And the reviews on FERRON’s website...

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FERRON X L.o.v.e_and_b.l.o.s.s.o.m.s 

"FERRON : The must have VEGAN BAG Who doesn’t love a brand that stands for compassion and high quality design ? I would love to introduce FERRON : A brand I recently discovered and fell completely in love with. The iconic elephant logo symbolises passion for all animals and shows the brand’s commitment to sourcing materials that are completely animal-friendly. FERRON means “iron-grey hair, or one who is habitually dressed in grey”. I love how the name is connected to one of the most beautiful and gentle animals, the elephant." "It is also absolutely amazing that £10 of every bag...

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