three vegan handbags

How to find the perfect handbag?

I have briefly touched on it in my previous blog post (which I encourage you to have a read through by the way ;)) but since the matter is quite serious (and I’m not being sarcastic!) I thought I would share my tips on how to find the perfect handbag. This subject is topical not only during the festive season but all year round. I’ve spent a good few years on a quest to find a perfect handbag that will not only fit all my “stuff” but also look good. I’m a truly practical person so I value things that generally...

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FERRON vegan handbag essentials

Handbag essentials

I do understand that some girls feel the need to carry large bags. I was actually one of them in the past which for me was a total a curse - digging in what seemed to be a bottomless tote, trying to find keys while going through receipts, notepads and headphones, for example. I felt like I needed to be carrying everything with me; make up bag, books, notepads...Things that I have used maybe twice when on the go in my whole adulthood life!  I’ve spent a good few years on a quest to find a perfect handbag that will...

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Vegan Christmas presents ideas

Vegan present ideas

I’m sorry to break it to you but...Christmas is coming! And as much as everyone loves the festivity of the season, time spent with friends and family, the pre- Christmas shopping can prove to be oh-”snow”-stressful. Whether you're a vegan looking for pressies that don’t compromise your morals, or you’ve no idea what to get your vegan friend, we've got you covered! There are plenty of online vegan shops that enable you to avoid crowded stores, long checkouts, have your goods delivered on time and put a smile on your loved ones’ faces. The cruelty-free beauty products, vegan treats, and animal-free...

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Vegan fashion - my favourite vegan brands and where to find them

What is vegan fashion? Vegan fashion is becoming more and more fashionable! The hope is for vegan fashion to be a norm, to go mainstream and not needing a “vegan” qualifier to be used. During the past few months (if not years!) we’ve seen luxury brands catching on with the vegan lifestyle and customers demand, and steering away from fur and leather, going fully or partly vegan! Luxury fashion brand, Stella McCartney has always been vegan and pioneers like Loomstate, Planet Guests, Doshi and others are pushing boundaries when it comes to new standards in fashion.  Vegan clothing is any...

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China manufacturing - I’ve visited the factory making FERRON bags

At FERRON, we believe in being open and honest in the way we do business and operating in a fair and sustainable manner. We are transparent. There are a handful of luxury handbag brands that produce their bags in Europe. It is safe to say, however, that the majority of brands outsource elsewhere. And I’m absolutely not using it as an excuse for my brand’s handbags being produced in China. I’m actually quite proud and couldn’t be more excited about FERRON’s extended team over in Guangzhou. And I want to make sure that you, as a customer, are fully informed...

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Viva Vegan Charity Hogwood: a modern horror story

Hogwood: a modern horror story is the film the meat industry doesn't want you to see

You're being lied to. Each day, you are bombarded with messages that reassure you that your food is safe, that it has come from a good place and that the animals have been well cared for. It's time to uncover the truth. Animal documentaries can have a monumental impact in creating a vegan world. Cowspiracy uncovered the shocking truth about the environmental impact of animal agriculture on our planet, while animal cruelty documentary, Blackfish, was the catalyst to the eventual banning of orcas in captivity. Every time a new vegan documentary is released, it has the power to start conversations,...

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