Our Craftsmanship

We always wanted FERRON to stand for beautiful and high-quality handbags that are cruelty-free and sustainably made.

Quality is everything

To achieve this, we went out and searched for artisans that are unbelievable at their craft. In the end, we found a small family-owned manufacturer who purely focuses on craftsmanship.

Truth be told, we could not have developed our first bag without the support of an amazing team who was also willing to work with a new company that barely existed on paper. This partner happens to be in Guangzhou, China.

Just as we believe that leather derived from animals is part of the past, we believe that high-quality products are made in ethical conditions in Guangzhou.

Since many major luxury brands have left China for countries like Vietnam and Bangladesh where wages are a quarter of that in China, we ventured throughout China to find the craftsmanship and working conditions that we want FERRON to stand for.

More importantly, we believe in One World and couldn’t be more excited about our extended team over there.