'The two most important days of our life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.' - Mark Twain

My "why" started out in 2018/19, with a mission to start a business that allows me to be creative and enables me to be talking about what I'm passionate about. And when asked myself as to what purpose behind it is important to me to get out there, the answer was simple- it's sustainability and animal cruelty- free way of living without compromising on quality. 

As avid animal lover, after realizing there wasn't a fashion brand that offered moderately priced, quality handbags that were animal-friendly AND learning about the devastating impact the fashion industry has on animals and the environment, I decided to invest in cruelty-free handbags made of the same quality you'd expect from European luxury brands, FERRON.

The iconic elephant logo symbolizes my passion for all animals and commitment to sourcing materials that are completely animal-friendly.